We are seeing lots of itchy cats and dogs at the moment. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year when there are lots of irritating parasites around, especially the dreaded fleas.

These days due to central heating we tend to see problems caused by fleas all year around but they tend to be worse in the summer months.

On some pets, flea bites will be completely unnoticed whilst on others they can cause extensive itching, red lesions, hair loss and even painful open sores. these animals have an extreme sensitivity to flea saliva and being bitten by fleas causes an extremely itchy flea allergy dermatitis.

Fleas jump amazing distances and can easily jump onto your pet whilst they are outdoors. They are then brought inside on your pets fur and will drop off inside your house. A female flea will lay 30-50 eggs a day and so within a very short time you can have a flea infestation problem in your home and may well be suffering from irritating bites yourself. A terrifying fact is that 25 adult fleas can multiply to 250,000 fleas in 30 days!

The best way to control flea problems is to prevent them happening in the first place. fortunately, there have been significant developments in veterinary parasite control in recent years and there are now several new insecticides and insect growth regulators in easy to use forms that effectively eliminate fleas.

There are collars, sprays and topical applications and it is well worth talking to your vet about the best product for your pet. Fleas evolve rapidly and are often resistant to many of the products you can buy over the counter, so it is well worth seeking veterinary advice if you have seen fleas on your pet.

If you need further information on fleas or are worried that your pet may be suffering from a flea infestation then please call us at Bourne Veterinary Practice on 01227 832322 for further information.