Did you know that you now have less than a year left to microchip your dog as it is going to be compulsory by April 2016?

Under the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 it will be compulsory for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks in England to be fitted with a Microchip from 6th April 2016. Had you ever considered having your pet microchipped before hearing this news and do you know what a microchip is?

Microchipping is now a widely used method of permanent identification of animals. The microchip cannot be tampered with and once inserted will last a lifetime. The microchip itself is about the size of a grain of rice, encased in a special capsule, designed to sit comfortably under your pet’s skin. The implantation is quick and simple – just like an ordinary injection under the loose skin at the back of the neck. More than 2.3 million animals in the U.K. currently have a microchip implanted. At Bourne Veterinary Practice we regularly implant Microchips into dogs, cats, rabbits and tortoises.

Most vets, animal charities, dog wardens and local authorities have Microchip readers that can read the chips 15-digit code. This identifies your pet on a secure database which is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your pet is found and it has a Microchip inserted you’ll receive a call and be reunited as soon as possible.

Once the new rules come into effect dog owners may face criminal prosecution and a £500 fine if they do not comply.

Breeders will be responsible for microchipping all puppies before they sell or give them away and all imported dogs will need to be microchipped.

It would be a good idea to arrange to have your dog microchipped when it is at the vets for its annual vaccination this year.

If you have any further questions about microchipping please give us a call at Bourne Veterinary Practice on 01227 832322