Our Pet Health Plans provide you with a simple, money-saving way to give your cat, dog or rabbit the regular preventative treatments they need

At Bourne Veterinary Practice we believe that a proactive, preventative approach to your pet’s healthcare is far better than waiting until your pet is vulnerable, ill or suffering to put things right.

We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable, which is why we have designed our Pet Health Plans.

How does it work?

Pet Health Plans are not pet insurance, they include the regular things like vaccinations, flea, worm, and parasite treatments, health checks and advice that pet insurance generally doesn’t cover. The Pet Health Plans are designed to adapt to your pet’s needs, from puppy or kitten, to adulthood and throughout the senior years.

A Pet Health Plan makes it easy for you to protect your pet against preventable diseases by making sure your pet’s vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are kept up to date. Plus, regular check-ups and early diagnosis of any potential health issues will help your pet enjoy a long, comfortable life, whilst saving you money and worry too.

We have teamed up with Pet Health Plans from Denplan who will collect your Direct Debits on our behalf and take care of administration of the plans as this frees us up to concentrate on looking after your pets!

You can call into the practice for more information and to complete a simple application form or alternatively you can call the Pet Health Plans team on 0800 169 9958 to join over the phone.

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